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Planning Inquiry Cinnamon Street, Clegg St, Clave St and Wapping High St

On Tuesday December 12 a public inquiry will begin at Mulberry Place to challenge the decision by Tower Hamlets Planning Committee for refusing planning permission on a 41-home development (PA/15/03561) that borders Cinnamon Street, Clave St Clegg St and Wapping High St.

Documents are available here: https://development.towerhamlets.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=DCAPR_116467

and we have distributed a flyer A5 Appeal flyer #2

The hearing was brought about by the developers, Rail for London and Wapping High Street, which maintain that their application is appropriate for the site, even though councillors from all parties voted against the development unanimously in November 2016.

If you can spare any time to attend the inquiry, please do so and support our campaign against the appeal. It starts on Tuesday December 12 at 10 am in Room MP702, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG.

Shadwell Park Planning Weekend October 13-15, Shadwell Basin Centre

In the summer Tower Hamlets Council published its masterplan for Shadwell Park, also known as King Edward Memorial Park. Thames Tideway which is conducting the works for the new supersewer has allocated £3 million to the project to offset the impact on the park and the duration of time the works will take – until 2020/21.

The Community Liaison Working Group which meets with Tideway bi-monthly believes that the scheme Tower Hamlets has devised could be greatly improved with more input from local residents in what they want for their park. To do this the working group is running an intensive planning weekend and has invited designers, landscape architects and cost consultants, people from the council and Tideway to come together and produce a scheme that is the most fitting for this unique riverside park.

A leaflet should reach every address in Shadwell and Wapping by the first week of October with all the details. In order to make the park one that everyone is proud of, as many local residents as possible should attend. The programme starts on Friday October 13 at 6.30pm at Shadwell Basin Centre, Shadwell Pierhead, Glamis Road E1W 3TD.

Here is a link to the masterplan


Here is a link to the details and times for the planning weekend

A bright future for Shadwell Park

Community Planning weekend October


Wapping Lido

On Wednesday 9th August Tower Hamlets Development Committee approved
plans for a lido at Brussels Wharf on a vote of 6-1.

We would to thank everyone for supporting our unique project and can
now look forward to getting the lido funded, built and open.

We will shortly be setting up a website for the lido where all plans,
updates and news will be posted.

Cinnamon Street planning application PA/15/03561

Since last year, the Turk’s Head has been supporting local residents to object to the application above for 41 flats across 3 sites. Site A is opposite Wapping Station. A link to the planning portal is here with all the correspondence and plans. Tower Hamlets Development Committee refused planning permission for this development last year, but the applicant has lodged an appeal which will be heard in December this year. The applicant for the proposal is Rail for London, which owns the land.

The appeal will be run by the Planning Inspectorate at Mulberry Place.


Last week TfL wrote to the Planning Inspectorate requesting that the hearing be brought forward because it believes that the Mayor’s housing delivery programme is a priority and it believes that a transport expert is not required for the hearing. Please see letter attached.

The Turk’s Head has written to the Mayor and the Planning Inspectorate requesting that the agreed timetable go ahead in December and allow due process to go ahead. Its statement against the appeal and letter to the Mayor are attached below. Have also attached Tower Hamlets Full Statement of case against the appeal and an earlier letter from TfL’s  infrastructure dept registering its concerns about the development plans.

Appeal doc for planning inspectorate

PA.15.03561 – LPA Full Statement of Case




It is hoped that as many residents as possible can attend the hearing in December and a flyer will be circulated a little later in the year.