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St George’s Pool Feasibility Study



In March last year, we commissioned a team of experts to conduct a feasibility study into refurbishing St George’s Pool which the Council closed in March 2020. The results showed that the pool could be refurbished and converted into an energy efficient facility. However, the Council rejected our plan and aim to go ahead with demolition and rebuilding a smaller facility surrounded by a housing development. The costs will likely go way beyond the £55 million budget as happened to Kingston Leisure Centre. We started a petition in 2020 and are still pressing for the Council to rethink its plans and refurbish the pool. This is a cheaper, quicker and more progressive way forward for the pool and the residents of Tower Hamlets – do sign it!



St George’s Pool

MyLondon March 22 2023

Recently, this news story was published on the MyLondon news website about Kingston Leisure Centre which was demolished earlier this year. The costs to rebuild it are now so prohibitive that Kingston Council will have to revise the specification for the replacement centre.

It is not unfeasible to see a similar scenario happening to St George’s Pools. A request from the local MP Apsana Begum about reopening the pool states that this will not happen until 2026 – which means it would have been closed for six years. Our refurbishment plan would have had the pool open by next year, with minimum energy costs, minimum disruption and a leisure centre that would have been exemplary.
Unlike Kingston we still have time to rethink the plans to demolish the pool, where the housing development should be relocated to a more appropriate site so residents’ lungs will not be damaged by pollution from the Highway. It is difficult to cease pressing the case for refurbishment and urge you to rethink before St George’s ends up like Kingston.