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What we want for Wapping

On 4 October, the Turk’s Head held a public meeting at Raines House to discuss issues affecting local residents and recommendations to solve some of those issues. We have collated the information here

What we want for Wapping suggestions 4:10:23


The next step is to see how we can implement the changes and create sustainable solutions to make life better. If you are interested in seeking these solutions do get in touch turksheadcharity@gmail.com

Meeting at St George’s in the East re St George’s Pools

The letters above regarding a consultation about the swimming pool and the housing development have been sent out to some people but it appears random. I have contacted the head of capital delivery and the head of the swimming pool project as to why it wasn’t posted on the Council’s website about the future of St George’s. They have not answered. Do come if you are able.