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Wapping Summer Shindig Planning meeting

This will take place on Wednesday May 23 at the Turk’s Head Cafe, 1 Green Bank from 6pm.

If anyone is interested in having a stall at the Shindig, would like to volunteer on the day or has ideas on how to improve the event, then do come along on Wednesday May 23. If you are unable to make the meeting, then get in touch on 0207 488 6801 or email turksheadcharity@gmail.com

The Wapping Summer Shindig  is on Saturday July 7 from 12-7pm.


Vent pipes design in Shadwell Park

Here are the designs for the vent pipes at Shadwell Park. Tideway will submit its planning application to Tower Hamlets Council in the summer as it needs planning consent for the pipes to be erected. The designs are not to scale and the main 2, as shown in the first slide will be 30 feet high. Another 3 will also be built.



KEMPF CLWG slides March 18 (dragged)


KEMPF CLWG slides March 18

Toxic Air in Shadwell Park

In October last year the Turk’s Head and Shadwell Basin hosted a planning weekend at Shadwell Basin to seek local residents’ views on Tower Hamlets Council’s plans for Shadwell Park (King Edward Memorial Park) following the completion, in 2022, of the Thames Tideway works.

The results of that meeting can be seen in the report below and reached markedly different conclusions to those presented by Tower Hamlets. Both plans  can be seen in the report. Whilst walking around the park, it also became apparent that the air vent leading down to the Rotherhithe Tunnel was negatively affecting the air quality of the park, in addition to the pollution coming from the Highway which runs along its northern boundary. The Turk’s Head has contacted Transport for London, which owns the air vent and the Mayor of London with our concerns.
As you can see from the correspondence, air monitoring seems to be a lengthy process and until then, our charity advises not to use the park and join our campaign to get it cleaned up.

We are asking people to write to the Mayor of London to ask him to pressurise TfL to treat the air vent and stop polluting the park.

We are asking that people write to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs to make sure that air quality around the vent is monitored properly and exceedances of EU limits for nitrogen dioxide be published.

Support us in this great campaign and help us get the park Wapping and Shadwell deserve


Tower Hamlets Council KEMP_masterplan_report (1)

Shadwell Park Community Planning Weekend_2017 10 15 Final session

Community plan for Shadwell Park

Masterplan map.jpg

Caution Poster-3170615_final_KEMP_masterplan_report_lores (1)

Correspondence with TfL and Mayor of London

Consultation for new housing next to Reardon and Lowder House

On Saturday February 3 there will be a public consultation to hear what residents think about a proposal for 2 new developments on the corners of Reardon and Lowder House. Tower Hamlets Council has identified these areas as suitable for housing. Go along to the Children’s Centre in Chandler Street, E1W 2QL to register your opinion.




Closing statements for Cinnamon Street Appeal

Please click on the links below to read the closing statements from both sides regarding the Cinnamon Street appeal. There is also a draft set of conditions should the appeal be upheld. The statements provide a good review of the issues discussed.


LPA Closing Submission – 5 January 2018 (2).pdf – Google Drive

CinnamonSt.closing submissions.pdf – Google Drive

CinnamonSt.draft conditions Google Drive